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Hook Shot Game

Hook Shot Game

PriceFrom $50.00
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This head to head game is additive!


Rules of the game:


A shot glass is placed in the center spot.


Two players at the same time try to get their ring on their hook. When they hook the ring they move the shot glass towards their opponent.

This goes back and forth until the shot glass is moved off the board.

The loser is the one who ends up with the shot glass.

The loser can be made to drink a shot.


This can also be a team event by dividing up players for each side and moving in line until one team is done and declared the winner!

What the losers have to do is up to you.


What color of cross T do you want?
  • Tech Specs

    **These are built to order and no stock is held.

    Length 24"

    Height 16"

    The game T is made from wood and the base is made from Solid Surface counter top material.  The same material used to make cutting boards.

    Sorry base color cannot be chosen. We use what we have in stock.

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